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Liverpool’s year was boosted by their run to the Champions League final

February 8, 2019 | General | No Comments

Manchester City shirt the table , for the first time because they dropped against Chelsea two weeks past .  Today we’ll see what sort of psychological impact Liverpool texture from watching themselves in minute after overlooking the opportunity to go seven points clear just past week.   They’re behind Town on goal difference.  It is just […]

Tottenham have announced further delays to their late-running £1bn stadium

February 8, 2019 | General | No Comments

The movement experienced its setback on Thursday when the club supported the derby with Arsenal, scheduled for 2 could be performed at Wembley and was fraught with delays.  Journeys into the arena, where they sponsor on Leicester have worn thin this year.  Just 29,164 attended last month’s win over Watford but it seems Pochettino is […]